Rain gutter type1

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Rain gutter are part of the rain gutters used in buildings such as ordinary houses, shrines, and temples.
The rain chain, which is unique to Japan and allows you to enjoy the flow of rainwater with your eyes and ears, is popular both in Japan and overseas.

Copper rain guttering is characterised by its tasteful appearance and excellent corrosion resistance.
New copper rain guttering has a beautiful reddish copper colour and a lustrous finish.
They are also highly corrosion resistant and offer excellent durability in environments exposed to rain, wind and sunlight.
However, copper is a metal that is prone to surface colour changes over time.
When exposed to air and water, it develops a green rust called greenish blue, which will lose its lustre when new, but will give it a quaint appearance.

This rain gutter is a popular item.

Material: Copper / Overall length: 2.7M / Chain: 26 pieces / With makeup weight (190g)