JINZABUROU Shirohagane Kurouchi Deba(Sakura wood handle)120mm

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It is a steel that is relatively easy to handle among the steel materials for cutting tools.
It is characteristics are that it is cut clearly and easy to sharpen.
This product is recommended for those who use it at home.

Deba knives are mainly made for fish fillets.
The thick blade allows you to cut off the fish's head without damaging the blade.
You can grow fish scales, remove internal organs, and handle fish without worrying about small bones.

【Blade length size】120mm
Yasukihagane Shirohagane/handle is made from cherry blossom tree

※What is "kurouchi"?
The surface that has been blackened by quenching is called a "Black forged cutlery" finish, and all but the blade is left as it is.
The black finish is simple and has a "chic" feel.