JINZABUROU Aohagane Suminagashi Syoubu(Rosewood handle)270mm

Regular price ¥25,000

The highest quality steel for kitchen knives.
The biggest feature is that it is sharp and sustainable.

A beautiful deba knife with a suminashi pattern.

Sashimi knives are making slices of raw fish and shellfish.
If you cut smoothly from the long blade edge to the blade edge, you will get a sashimi with a beautiful cut end.

【Blade length size】270mm
Yasukikou Aohagane/Rosewood handle

※What is Suminagashi ?
Damascus knives are laminated steel knives made by stacking layers of different steel materials.
There are also things called suminagashi, mille-feuille, etc., but these are also the same Damascus knives just by the difference in the name.