JINZABUROU Aohagane Kurouchi Syoubu(Sakura wood handle)300mm

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The highest quality steel for kitchen knives.
The biggest feature is that it is sharp and sustainable.
A peak side is finished with a Hammer eyes,

Sashimi knives are making slices of raw fish and shellfish.
If you cut smoothly from the long blade edge to the blade edge, you will get a sashimi with a beautiful cut end.

【Blade length size】300mm
Yasukikou Aohagane/handle is made from cherry blossom tree

※What is "kurouchi"?
The surface that has been blackened by quenching is called a "Black forged cutlery" finish, and all but the blade is left as it is.
The black finish is simple and has a "chic" feel.