Rain gutter triplecross stainless A-102-55

Regular price ¥54,500

Rain chains are part of the rain gutters used in buildings such as ordinary houses, shrines, and temples.
The rain chain, which is unique to Japan and allows you to enjoy the flow of rainwater with your eyes and ears, is popular both in Japan and overseas.

This is a higher quality product with more rings than the standard one for better water flow .
The weight is sold separately.

The main advantage of chain gutters made of stainless steel is their durability.
The stainless steel material is rust-resistant and extremely hard, and will not be easily deformed or damaged.
This is the material of choice for those who value durability above all else.

Material: stainless steel / Overall length: 3.0M
Size:R1(52mm)xH(44mm)/Wire diameter:φ4.0mm /Weight per meter:about 1.1kg